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Hey there! Are you sitting around with your 25-100 closest friends, wondering what to do together for the next few hours? Now you can, with NUN LARP!

NUN LARP is a live-action roleplaying game where you are a nun, so is your friend, and all the other friends too. Everyone is a nun! The game is set in a nunnery, on account of all the nuns. You don't need to prepare anything advance. Just grab a few easily-accessed supplies (a few books, some tokens, some coins, etc.) and follow the instructions, and you'll be having nun-sensical adventures in no time at all!

WARNING: I have never played this game. No-one has ever played this game. 

OPPORTUNITY: Be the first to ever play this game!

Where did NUN LARP come from?

Thank you for asking, game description text. Our story begins in Wellington, Aotearoa New Zealand, where there is a marvellous RPG convention called Kapcon. Every year at this convention, a large percentage of attendees take part in a single huge larp game, referred to as "the flagship". (This was my fault, but that's another story.)

Every year, the Kapcon organizers would put out a  call for proposals for the theme of the next flagship, and I would always suggest "nuns". My entire rationale was that I thought it would be funny if a hundred people all wore cheap dollar-store nun costumes and ran around a big room.

The sticking point for the flagship, of course, was that it was an enormous amount of work. The Kapcon flagships are larps in a style where players are given detailed character backgrounds, full of interesting interrelationships and clashing goals, and the game plays out with dramatic interventions towards a richly-imagined conclusion.

So in 2013 I decided to make my suggestion of "nuns" more appealing by making it take absolutely zero work at all. Thus, the very first procedurally-generated flagship larp.

Needless to say, NUN LARP was not selected as the Kapcon flagship in that or any subsequent year, but hope springs eternal and so I now gift it to the world. 

P.S. you have permission to retitle Mother Superior in your game to "Nun Of The Above"


This is a game by Morgan Davie, part of the #KiwiRPG community. Find out more about Morgan's games at http://taleturn.com/


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